🍓 Strawberry Jam 🍓 – Doce de Morango




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Strawberry Jam time!! Nothing better than homemade strawberry jam.

This year we went strawberry picking, we might have picked a little too many strawberries…  😂

I decided to make strawberry jam with all the strawberries! Might have not been the best decision, because I only have one big pot, and the strawberry puree didn’t fit properly in the pot lol so I needed to keep a close watch… but it ended up spilling over… needless to say, I spent half an hour cleaning my stove!! 😀


Ingredients (28 jars of 250 mL):
3.5 kg of peaches
3 kg of sugar
1 lemon peel
1/2 cup lemon juice

For method click HERE.


Ingredientes em Português (28 frascos de 250 mL):
3,5 kg de pêssegos
3 kg de açúcar
casca de 1 limão
1/2 copo de sumo de  limão

1copo = 250 mL
1tsp = 1 colher de cha

Para ver o método clica AQUI.


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