Almond Tart


almond tart_a_small

almond tart_d_small

almond tart

almond tart_e_small

almond tart_b_small

This almond tart is our go-to recipe when we have afternoon guests. It goes wonderfully with a big cup of coffee! The crunch of the almonds with the fluffiness of the cake makes the perfect combination! It is so easy and fast to make, overall less than an hour! Give it a try and tell me what you think!


200 g of flour
1 tsp of baking powder
200g of sugar
100g melted butter
3 eggs

100g of sugar
150g of almonds
50g of butter
250 mL of milk

For method click HERE.

Ingredientes em Português:

200 g de farinha
1 colher de chá de fermento
200g de açúcar
100g de manteiga derretida
3 ovos

100g de açúcar
150g de amêndoas em palito
50g de manteiga
250 mL de leite

Para ver o método clica AQUI.

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