Lemon Basil Mousse Cake

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I wanted to try something different out, so I had a look at my current obsession the Pastry Workshop website, and found the lemon basil mousse entremet. So I decided to transform the entremet to a mousse cake 😊.

Hope you enjoy!

Olive oil Cake:
25g butter, melted
35ml extra virgin olive oil
1 egg
60g white sugar
10ml whole milk
60g all-purpose flour
1g baking powder
1 pinch salt
2ml lemon juice
1 teaspoon lemon zest
Lemon Basil Mousse:
60ml lemon juice
2 eggs
2 teaspoons lemon zest
10g fresh basil, chopped
100g white sugar
35g butter
1tbsp of powdered gelatine (1/4 cup of water)
300ml heavy cream, whipped
150g blackberry puree
35g white sugar
2ml lemon juice
1/3 tbsp of powdered gelatine (1 tbsp of water)

1tbsp of gelatine = 3 gelatine sheets

For method click HERE.


Ingredientes em Português :
Bolo de Azeite:
25g de manteiga derretida
35ml azeite
1 ovo
60g de açúcar branco
10ml leite
60g de farinha
1g de fermento em pó
1 pitada de sal
2ml de sumo de limão
1 colher de chá de raspa de limão
Mousse de manjericão com limão:
60ml sumo de limão
2 ovos
2 colheres de chá de raspa de limão
10g de manjericão fresco picado
100g de açúcar
35g de manteiga
1 colher de sopa de gelatina em pó (1/4 copo de água)
300ml de natas
150g purê de amoras
35g de açúcar branco
2ml de sumo de limão
1/3 colheres de sopa de gelatina em pó (1 colher de sopa de água)

1 colher de sopa de gelatina em po = 3 folhas de gelatina

Para ver o método clica AQUI.


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