Portuguese Goat Stew – Caldeirada de Cabrito

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This recipe we only make it for special occasions, Easter, Christmas or if we have guests over! 😂 This recipe should be served with simple boiled potatoes and topped off with chopped parsley.

Hope you enjoy!

Ingredients (for 6 to 8 people):
For Marinade:
ratio 1:3
2 kg of goat
6 black peppercorns
1 pinch of ground black pepper
2 malagueta peppers (chili pepper)
4 garlic cloves
½ green pepper
½ red pepper
2 onions
Small bunch of parsley
Olive oil
1 bottle of white wine (I used homemade wine so the color of the wine you see on the video is not as clear as store-bought)

For cooking:
1 onion
olive oil
2 tomatoes

Note: depending on how old the goat is the longer it can take to cook it. So always test the meat before turning off the heat.

For method click HERE.


Ingredientes em Português (para 6 a 8 pessoas):
Para Marinade:
ratio 1:3
2kg de cabrito
6 grãos de pimenta preta
1 pitada de pimenta preta moída
2 malagueta
4 dentes de alho
½ pimento verde
½ pimento vermelha
2 cebolas
ramo de salsa pequeno
1 garrafa de vinho branco (eu usei vinho caseiro , no video a cor do vinho e’ mais escuro)

Para cozinhar:
1 cebola
2 tomates

Para ver o método clica AQUI.

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