Shrimp Soup | Sopa de Marisco

shrimp soup_c

shrimp soup_d

shrimp soup_b

This soup is my mom’s recipe, she’s been doing this for years. We only eat it when we decide to make a seafood extravaganza 😂🦀 I would suggest using the whole shrimp (shrimp with head) I didn’t in this video because these were the only shrimp I had at the moment. The head of the shrimp gives this soup a much intense flavor. 🦐

Hope you enjoy!

Ingredients (for 8 to 10 servings):
500g Shrimp (cook in 500 mL of water)
2 onion
olive oil
4 big tomatoes
1 carrot
2 big potatoes
1,5 L of water
1 can of concentrated tomato soup, 250 mL (or tomato paste with water 1:1)
Tabasco (to preference)

For method click HERE.


Ingredientes em Português (para 8 a 10 pessoas):

500g de camarão (cozinhe em 500 ml de água)
2 cebolas
4 tomates grandes
1 cenoura
2 batatas grandes
1,5 L de água
1 lata de sopa de tomate concentrado, 250 mL (ou pasta de tomate com água 1: 1)
Tabasco (a gosto)

Nota: Camarão deve ter a cabeça para um sabor mais intenso

Para ver o método clica AQUI.


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